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Duane and Lori have these references to offer.

"We did 5 house sits in the countryside of Spain, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, England and 3 close to London during 2009 for a total of 8. We cared for 7 dogs, 3 cats, horses twice, ferrets, parrots twice, ducks, geese, bees and gerbils, along with a number of gardens. You may have the email address of any of the European homeowners upon request. May we suggest that you contact someone with the same animals as you have."

"In 2011, we went back to the US were we did 6 house sits throughout the SW states - California, Arizona and New Mexico. We had as many as 7 cats at one time and at another position we had 5 dogs all at once. We also had an African Gray at one location."

"In 2012, we returned to Europe and did a couple of long-term housesits in Spain and Portugal. We really loved our time in these countryside locations."

"In 2018, we did a couple of longterm housesits in Mexico, Chetamal Yucatan and Lake Chapala outside of Guadalajara. We've found that Mexico is one of our favorite countries with some of the friendliest people we have ever met."

"2019 brought us back to the Southwest US where we did a 3-month housesit in Atascadero, CA. A lovely spot in the country where we were fortunate enough to be able to observe a family of Quail raising 48 babies, as well as, baby rabbits and turkeys."

from: Kathy Yoshiwara
to: Lori & Duane
date: Aug 27, 2019, 7:21 PM
subject: Thank You!

"Hi Lori,

Thanks for taking such good care of our house and garden and kitties!

I will get the nook and other items in the mail (probably UPS) tomorrow and e-mail you the tracking number. (Do not worry about the cost; you have done plenty for us.)

Okay, no more Healthy Gourmet Indoor Chicken Entree. Usually the kitties eat everything, but Miso is a little more cautious. Thanks for the tip. And thanks for out-foxing the mouse! They are very cute, but I do prefer that they stay outside. I hope you got to see our very cute yard bunnies, as well.

Just this afternoon I heard a lot of quail chatter and rescued six babies that had fallen into the water! They all dried off, and I hope they rejoined their family. Then I put a plastic net over the pond and put out a water dish on the ground nearby, so I hope that solves the problem -- I can't face any more drowned baby quails. (They don't usually have babies this late in the season; I wonder what is different?)

Thank you for the kitties' wheat grass, and all the other things you did to keep our little household going. We wish you all the best in your future travels, and if you ever feel like coming back to the California central coast, we would be happy to see you."

~Best wishes, Kathy

from: Sally Mayes
date: Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 5:06 PM
subject: Thank You!


I placed our advertisement on the Housecarers website in some trepidation since I have had a series of really bad experiences with dogsitters lately. Some did not even stay in the house but moved out leaving the dogs alone for long periods. Others did not air the house resulting in black walls and on one occasion I came home at midnight after a very long flight to an empty house and no food or water at all.

I had twenty eight replies and ended up with a shortlist of four. Lori and Duane’s website is excellent and I enjoyed reading their references. When we finally talked I got the impression that they loved dogs and were very caring people.

They have just left my home in Portugal after four weeks and I can honestly say that the whole house and garden are much cleaner than when I left – Lori even turned out my food cupboards for me! Duane has kept all my plants alive through a heatwave and there was not a leaf on the ground.

We have three dogs, two of whom are very old (Poppy is 17 now) and they were clean, happy, well fed and obviously adored Lori and Duane.

On my return I was given a wonderful vegetarian meal, a full account of every penny spent with receipts and a warm welcome.

The fridge was re-stocked and the house was immaculate.

I would highly recommend Lori and Duane to anyone who wants their pets to be loved and cared for in their absence. You will not regret it!"

~Best wishes and many thanks, Sally

Feb 21, 2012: From: Alan Handforth
Sent: Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 3:02 PM
Subject: Re: A great couple to have to look after your place and treasures.

"To whom it may concern.

We would like to direct this message to anyone who is looking for a reliable couple to look after their treasures (animals) and belongings.

We had Lori and Duane stay at our small country hotel in the Malaga area for 7 weeks.

We have had other sitters before and to tell you the truth, we have been let down for 2 years in a row, and had almost decided to drop the idea of house sitters.

Then we saw Lori and Duane’s ad, mailed with them and made the decision to try it one more time.

Well Folks, it has restored our faith in human kind!!

We found two gems, totally reliable and very caring, not only for our cats but also the use of electricity, heating etc. etc.

They looked after our gardens, no weed to be found anymore and Duane even climbed the highest trees to rid them of numerous procession Caterpillar nests. He mailed us the photographs. He even installed our repaired swimming pool pump.

And on our return everything looked spic and span!!!

They certainly have a great attitude to life and live it too.


~ Hetty and Alan Handforth Malaga

August, 2010: From:
Sent: Sun, Aug 29, 2010 10:16 am
Subject: Re: Reference for Duane and Lori Scheeringa

"I first met Lori and Duane when they were housesitting for my boss who has an African Grey. This was for 2 weeks. I liked them when I first met them, and then more and more as I got to know them.  Lori and Duane then house sat for me, looking after my 2 Tonkenese cats for 10 days. The cats adored them and they took excellent care of them and my home. ( I even came home to a defrosted freezer... a job I'd been putting off for ages!!)

I would highly recommend Lori and Duane. They love animals and are very at ease, and very good, at caring for them.  They will respect you and your home and I'm sure would take excellent care of your vegetable patch."~ Regards, Viv Roe.

August, 2010: From:
Subject: RE: Reference for Duane and Lori Scheeringa
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 21:49:06 +0100

"I would highly recommend Lori and Duane to look after your animals and property.  They are kind and loving people both to animals and to complete strangers.  They looked after our 2 horses, cat and walked our lively dog for two weeks.  The house and yard were immaculate on our return.  They even prepared and froze fruit and vegetables for us which would have otherwise gone to waste.  We only asked them to mow the lawn but they tended our large garden too and even had a wonderful meal prepared for us on our return. In the short time that we overlapped, we learned of their wealth of life experiences (there is not a lot they have not done) which included caring for sick animals and people.  They did not care for "exploring" our local area much, (which we were surprised about) but they prefer to absorb themselves in the surroundings in which they find themselves, in other words your animals will not be left on their own for long.  Our neighbours and people who met them all thought they were charming.
I hope this is helpful.  "~ Regards, Fiona Porter.

August, 2009: from: Fiona Porter <>
date: Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 5:05 AM
subject: RE: Monday 27th arrival

Hi Lori and Duane
Hope you have enjoyed your stay in Wales.  Thank you again for taking such good care of the house and animals.  I keep spotting things that you must have done in the house and garden since your left.  Thank you also for the recipes.  I baked the choc courgette cake yesterday.  Scrummy!
We have been enjoying the last 2 weeks of the holidays.  I keep putting off any prep for school (should be doing some now) and we've done lots of riding and walking. Sam's been with his friends a lot and playing music.  We got his keyboard mended!  Rugby season has started today so he is delighted.
Lots of love and wishes for an enjoyable stay in Ireland.~ Fiona Porter.

November, 2008: “I would trust Duane and Lori to housesit for me based on their great performance in painting for me. They are also clients of mine, and they are very organized, always on time for meetings, and so easy to work with.” ~ their web designer.

November 2008. To Whom It May Concern;
I have known Duane and Lori for several years and I can say in all honesty that they are the most honest, caring and trustworthy people it has been my pleasure to know. You may feel completely safe having them in your home and knowing that they will treat it as their own. If you have pets, be prepared to have them cared for with love and affection and be a bit spoiled when you return. I cannot recommend these two people highly enough.
Sincerely, Christine Hill

November, 2008: To Whom It May Concern;
Lori Mayberry worked for me during a two-year period in a unique sheltered workshop program and business. The business was a thriving garden center open to retail customers, that employed disabled adults.
Lori's responsibilities grew quickly as supervisor of disabled adults. She taught, motivated, and corrected different crews of mentally disabled, mentally ill, and physically challenged individuals in horticultural skills as well as life skills. The horticultural skills included everything that was needed to get done within the business, such as transplanting, watering, making soil, propagation, and maintenance to name a few. The living skills touched upon, but were not limited to good work ethics, appropriate interactions between customers and fellow employees, proper dress, and goals. The employees were challenged in numerous ways, and Lori played an important role in their daily work endeavors. She showed patience, humor, common sense, empathy, friendship, and caring to all of the disabled adults as well as with all staff and customers.
She did not shy away from any types of personalities or situations, but always took her job as a privilege and a learning experience. She tried to make the best of any situations that came up and there were many. I cannot say enough good words about Lori. I would highly recommend her for this position that she is applying for. She would be an asset to you.
Sincerely, Gail Shapiro (previous manager of the HHOTT HOUSE (Horticulture for the Handicapped Offering Therapy and Training)

November, 2008: To the prospective clients of Lori and Duane,
I have known Lori and Duane for 8 years. In that time, they were neighbors, caregivers to my animals — occasional picker uppers of my mail and watered my plants. They are as clean as they say. They will treat your animals with love and care. Your house plants and garden will thrive. And Duane is quite handy — he installed a storm door for me and helped quite a bit with the maintenance of our Home Owners' Association — including trimming of trees overhanging the roof of one of the units (I couldn't watch him on the roof — but the tree, Duane and the roof survived). Both Lori and Duane helped manage the contractors we had on site through the years we sat on the HOA board.
Lori was the treasurer and managed over $1M in assets during that time. They are hardworking and honest people — you can't go wrong with them caring for your home, critters and plants.
Sincerely, Debby Roth, Marketing Relationship Manager, Auctionpay, Portland, OR.


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